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Wheatland County Line (Acoustic Version)

Highlighting what a voice and talent she has, this is an album boiling over with quality that is simply of the highest possible standard.

Bringing you her debut fourteen-track album with such a great sound to it which gives off the aura of something that is very personal to Hendrick. With all songs written and produced by her, this is very much an album evident of the fact that you don't need a big-named producer and studio to create a sublime record. With a beginning to make the Eagles most envious, Devil Wine includes some very fine vocals and harmonies that would lift any miser's heart. When the highest pitch is hit on this track it is just simply amazing to hear it happening. Texas Don't Have You begins with an upbeat groove that never lets up. With her vocals never falling below expectations, it seems to fly by like an express train. This is a very descriptive track, as it depicts what Hendrick prefers about the Lone Star State over her lover and is certainly a track which has been added to my list to catch live.

The best song of the fourteen, and most amusing, is The Pony Song. Including an element of social commentary as well as how Hendrick wishes to own a pony, it has such a happy sound that it sounds very akin to the ever popular Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Tahn You Think). The guitar picking never intrudes on Hendrick's toes, and this just adds to the song's quality as many a song has been ruined by over-zealous picking. Fallen Angel seems like a song which the much-missed Johnny Cash never got around to recording. Maybe if this song had been released at the turn of the century then Rick Rubin might have included this on his and Cash's American albums. Its pace is very quick and rapid, and is amply helped out on both acoustic and slide guitar.

Russell Hill - Maverick Magazine - May 2009